伊藤潤二の呪いの館 Junji Ito's Haunted House


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Junji Ito Masterpieces Collection

We invite you to the world of fears and absurdity.


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Junji Ito, 'Prince of Horror comics', has been creating horror stories for 30 years since his debut. This collection will strike terror into readers' hearts by great stories such as 'Head-Hanging Air Balloon' 'Slug Girl' 'Groaning from Drain Pipes' 'House It’s the Deserter'.




A beautiful woman that revives in this world, even if killed!


Seduces and attracts men into crazy and insanity love, Tomie, a woman that multiplies every time killed, wishes for “Tomie Killing” to men that falls in love with her. What will happen to the men whom deeply becomes attracted to her mysterious beauty and falls in love? Representative work by an author with totaling nine on-screen work in Japan.




Remember…I will shore you true horror!!


A young boy with nails held in mouth, Souichi commits mysterious cases. His selfish curses involves everyone around and causes numerous mysterious happenings. Welcome the ominous and humorous world of Souichi.


Lovesick Dead


A mysterious boy appearing at misty sunset.


At popular fortune telling on the streets, “Tsujiura”, mysterious boy walks away telling young girls a cold and cruel oracle. Every people who are told an oracle by the boy, ends us facing abnormal death. Become drunk in lovely and mysterious, Tsujiura- Deathbed 's love trouble- and the wonderer boy.


Head-Hanging Air Balloon


Fear of having an air balloon shaped like your face coming to haunt you. People who are involved in this horrific incident ends up being hanged by a rope from an air balloon. Soon, the city becomes filled with air balloon…


Junji Ito,The Author's Selection


Chosen by the top runner of Japan horror manga industry himself, the masterpiece of horror and insanity!


Selection of carefully selected 9 favorites with commentary on each work and idea notes and roughs drafts from time of the writing are also included. Also with added new work of drawing, this is must-read book for Junji Ito fans!!


Fragments of Horror


Latest horror short story by the Master Junji Ito


8 years since the last horror short story published, Ito Junichi, with his 30 years of experience writing, created most horrific book ever filled tons of Junji Ito world.
「Tomio・Red High-Neck」 Tomio, a man who holds his own head that was beheaded by a witch. With blood soaking into his high neck.

プロフィール Profile

伊藤潤二 Junji Ito


Born on July 31st 1963 in Nakatsugawa city of Gifu prefecture, Japan. After graduating from high school, he attended college to become a dental technician. While pursuing career as a dental technician, he decided to submit his work to「Monthly HALLOWEEN」(ASAHI SONORAMA), during when an amateur manga award, the Kazuo Umezu Prize was established, with a slim hope that Umezu might read his work. During 1986, as a debut published work,「Tomie」won an award and became one of his masterpieces. 3 years later, he decided to end his profession as a dental technician and pursue his career as a manga writer. Soon after, he publishes numerous masterpieces such as「The Town Without Streets」,「Head-Hanging Air Balloon」, and also「Souichi」series, 「Lovesick Dead」. From 1998, he started serializing 「Uzumaki」in 『Big Comic Spirts』(SHOGAKUKAN Inc.). Even after 1998, he kept creating one and only masterpieces, which includes 「Gyo」and「The Crush Story」and on 2017 he celebrated the 30th anniversary as an manga writer.


Many of Ito's works have been visualized over years. As his works gain popularity overseas, they are now published in 11 different countries. The 3-month exhibition held on December 2015 in Taiwan was a great success with 80,000 tickets sold and 73,000 visitors. During 2017, this exhibition was also held in Shanghai and Hong Kong. His works are currently being visualized in China and The United States.